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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: August 2015

I have to admit that we were rather disappointed when Hurricane Danny dissipated and left our little island with nothing but a bit of rain (which for us Phoenix folks still seemed pretty exciting). Despite the summer time being rainy season, Sint Maarten/Saint Marten is in drought, as is much of the Caribbean. According to rumor, Puerto Read more…

We have now been living in Sint Maarten for a week! We have a week yet to explore and enjoy before classes begin for Ben at American University of the Caribbean. We’re going on as many adventures as we can on our beautiful island home. Here are some of the fun things we have done. If you Read more…

It’s funny now, but it wasn’t funny when I was in the middle of it. Our first full day in Sint Maarten did not include the beach, fresh seafood, or any of the things you probably thought I’d do as soon as possible. Instead, we spent pretty much the whole day on biggest shopping fail I’ve ever Read more…

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