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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: December 2015

 Out into the wild we go, past the sea, and up the hill, and into the long, tall grass.      We go where the breezes blow the butterflies as delicate as glass.  Up and up, up we go. We go where the breezes blow and ripple the sea of grass.    Up the trail the burros Read more…

Before you can begin to cook these deliciously fishy fajitas, you must obtain a fish. You could buy one at the grocery store, or you could catch one with your own rod and reel. We spent today adventuring around our island home: first to the French side for fishing and snorkeling, and then to the Dutch side Read more…

Guess what came today! That’s right– Caribbean Dream by Rachel Isadora. Last week, I announced a giveaway contest for this book.¬†Today it’s time to announce this winner! By the way– I bought this book. I didn’t receive it as an incentive for the giveaway. I just like the book and thought you might like it, too! On Read more…

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