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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: January 2016

Kito’s favorite days are when we take her to the beach. Generally, she’ll nip at everyone’s toes until she gets too tired to romp around, and then she’ll settle down and dig herself a shady little hole.  Sometimes, we play with other dogs at the beach. She loves that. Her best bud is Sasha, the gentle German Read more…

Med school is a beast. Last semester, Ben spent ten to twelve hours daily on medical school activities: lecture, studying, practice problems, tests. He worked hard, and it paid off. He finished the semester with a 93% average, honoring all his classes. American University of the Caribbean recognizes its honor students each semester with a ceremony and Read more…

Island jeep, surfboards, tropical French countryside. This is the Caribbean life, and we love living it. Most days are filled with studying for my husband, Ben and his friend Matt. They work hard at medical school, and were both selected as teacher’s assistants in Anatomy for good grades. Their life mainly consists of flashcards, lectures, and tests. But Read more…

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