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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: June 2016

Before I left the United States, there were a lot of things I took for granted. I guess everyone thinks their own life is pretty typical until they get a taste of something else. 1. Traffic lights. We have a single traffic light in the entire country of Sint Maarten. It spends half its life blinking yellow. Read more…

Yes, we have Zika. Our little island has joined the rest of the West Indies and is now home to this nasty virus. How common is it? Not too common. How bad is it? Depends. The most obvious thing that effects our community is that some people have contracted Zika. There have even been a few students Read more…

Cross-cultural transition can teach the expat many lessons. Last post, we heard from Emily Montgomery about what she has learned from the process. Today, Emily offers five more words of wisdom.¬† 5. Get in your zone. I define a comfort zone as a situation where I know what is expected and I am capable of succeeding. In Read more…

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