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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: October 2016

Sint Maarten’s Parotte Ville Bird Park is one of those secret gems tucked away in the island’s interior. You won’t find a website for Parotte Ville, but word of mouth travels fast enough to keep the visitors coming in. I’d been dying to go for months, but I wanted to take some kids with me. After all, Read more…

Saint Martin, we missed Hurricane Matthew. We were lucky. Haiti was not. As part of the Caribbean community, it is not only our obligation but also our privilege to join as an island and help our Hatian brothers and sisters in their time of need.  You can help! The Hatian Foundation on Saint Martin is organizing a Read more…

An open letter to the Saint Martin Department of Education and the government of Saint Martin: For a year now, I’ve been working with Tom Burnett and the Player Development Program to mentor and tutor at-risk youth. We’ve seen heartbreaking situations, but none quite so awful as this week’s case. One of our teens got in a Read more…

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