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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: June 2017

  There comes a time when you have to get out of the heat. And just in case you were wondering, it is HOT here in the Valley of the Sun. Like, your air conditioner is going to die hot. Fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk hot. I’ve seen both those things done in Phoenix this past week! Obviously, we were extremely Read more…

  Whenever I fly, I’m always paranoid about my passport. After all, I’ve heard the horror stories! Someone I know had their passport stolen while traveling, and they were trapped in Africa for weeks. This stuff happens! However, I’m not so worried about it any more. Why? because I’ve ditched the insecurity of a clear plastic bag Read more…

  Kito has been more places in her first year and a half than most dogs see in their lifetime! Although she didn’t love the plane ride that brought her to the United States, she has been enjoying her new surroundings. The desert life has been pretty exciting for her, but she absolutely loved her first trip Read more…

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