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Category: Cooking

Ok, it’s officially Christmas. We made Christmas cookies!  I’ll have you know that these were made 100% from scratch INCLUDING the cookie cutters. Actually, the cookie cutters were a total fail. I’m too cheap to buy actual cookie cutters, so I found directions on Instructables to make them from a soda can. This is a fantastic idea, Read more…

Here’s something you never thought you’d hear an American say: I do not actually know that much. It’s no secret that we Americans in the international realm don’t have the greatest reputation for admitting when we need advice or help. Instead, we’re always like, hey, let me come fix your government, your way of life, and your opinions. Read more…

This is a bread recipe that you gotta try– zopf!  My sister found it on the internet over a decade ago, and our family still makes it to this day. I’ve taken it one step further, though: it is now the base of a delicious fish sandwich. My husband was impressed enough that he requested it again Read more…

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