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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Category: Guest Posts

Saint Martin, we missed Hurricane Matthew. We were lucky. Haiti was not. As part of the Caribbean community, it is not only our obligation but also our privilege to join as an island and help our Hatian brothers and sisters in their time of need.  You can help! The Hatian Foundation on Saint Martin is organizing a Read more…

Locks are cool! Our little league team has spent a good amount of time discussing canal locks during homework time over the past few months. So we were pretty excited to see a real one in action. During our team trip to Ontario, we stopped by the St. Catherine’s Museum and Welland Canal Center. Here’s a quick Read more…

Who can describe the utter majesty of Niagara Falls? Even the rows of noisy tourist shops can’t take away from nature’s beauty. Above the sounds of traffic and humanity’s masses, one can hear the thundering of the falls before they catch a first glimpse. When the Player Development team from Sint Maarten visited Niagara Falls, 14-year-old Big Read more…

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