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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: September 2016

Maho’s a nice part of Saint Martin, and one I’ve never really appreciated. Shopping centers, the casino, sky bars– not a lot to love, in my opinion, especially when it’s pretty much a fake little tourist village that looks nothing like the rest of the island. Actually, though, it’s a pretty nice to place to spend an Read more…

Across the sea from Saint Martin, a thin green line is visible on the horizon. This is Anguilla, Saint Martin’s closest neighbor. Today, I spent some time on the beach near Blowing Point Terminal on Anguilla enjoying the clear blue waters of the British West Indies. Here’s a bit about Anguilla and how to travel there from Read more…

Sugar, sugar sugar… There’s not much I like better! Okay, maybe a deep dish pizza with spinach, but other than that, sugar’s my fave. Take me to a candy store, and you’ll have a happy girl. New York City has plenty sweets shops, and I think I located them all during my trip to the Big (candy) Read more…

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