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Adventures at Home and Abroad

Month: April 2017

  The good news: we made it back to Arizona! The bad news: it took 24 hours and about half my remaining sanity. If you’ve ever moved internationally, you know it’s not exactly a piece of cake. Actually, it’s pretty tough, emotionally and logistically. It’s like I was being ripped in half, because I was so sad to Read more…

Hi everyone! It’s been about a week since I posted, but I haven’t been twiddling my thumbs. This week is a bittersweet week for Ben and I as we pack our bags (all three of them) and get ready to move back to the States. And yes, I am losing my frickin’ mind in the process, thanks Read more…

Oyster Pond in Saint Martin has transformed into a high-end yacht paradise over the last few years. Much to the chagrin of those who knew the tranquil beauty of Oyster Pond’s former wilderness, the area is now a huge tourist center. Like it or not, that’s the way things are. But what if I told you that Read more…

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