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Coralita Beach

Coralita Beach

So, I finished visiting every beach on mainland Saint Martin today! Call me a nerd, but I am really excited about this. My final beach was Coralita Beach on the east coast of Saint Martin.

Coralita Beach is all but deserted, and it’s a bit challenging to find the entrance. It looks like there are three or four entrances, but we parked across from this restaurant:

And we walked through this charming path through the seagrape trees.

A short walk through this path led us to this beautiful beach.

La Belle Creole gets a lot of attention for being a creepy, hurricane-desroyed, abadoned resort. The remains of the Coralita Beach Hotel are a close second. 

These ruins are a little more sunlit, though they are melancholy, like something out of Planet of the Apes.

The graffiti on the pool was pretty sweet, too.

The beach itself is also a lonely, abandoned place. There were a handful of other beachgoers there and some of the beachhouses looked occupied, but the sand was unkept and the little dock crumpled up from wind and waves.

To the north of the beach is an area shades by palm trees, and to the south is a rocky area where you can walk to Babit Point and Oyster Pond. It was crawling with crabs and black iguanas, who looked for all the world like little dinosaurs. It felt a bit like we were walking through prehistoric times. 

It looked like an amazing place for snorkeling. Seriously, I have got to get into that reef sometime. 

We were lucky to go on a clear day, when the view of St. Barths was fantastic. A perfect afternoon for beachgoing!

If you like being alone on a peaceful beach, Coralita is a great place to relax. Don’t expect any facilities or landscaping, just the wild solitude of the wave-swept shore.

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